Comic Review: Iron Sights

Published: September, 2018
Written by: Richard C. Meyer, Carlos Ivan Silva
Art by: Ibai Canales, Kelsey Shannon (cover)

Splatto Comics, 120 Pages


Richard C. Meyer a.k.a. Ya Boi Zack a.k.a. Diversity & Comics is the first person to really get me into following the whole Comicsgate thing. This wasn’t the first of his projects that I backed but it was the first to be released. I’m still looking forward to getting his graphic novel Jawbreakers: Lost Souls, which should be about a month away.

This project was done as a sort of test for Meyer to best figure out how to print and fulfill these projects. In the end, unlike many other crowdfunded creators out there, Richard C. Meyer delivered and this is the proof.

Iron Sights was exactly as Meyer described it on it’s Indiegogo page:

…a hard-boiled action drama set on the border…told in the trashy tone and fun style of a 1990s Straight-To-Video DVD!

If you like Quentin Tarantino crime flicks, John Woo Heroic Bloodshed movies or modern films like NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, HELL AND HIGH WATER or SICARIO, then you’ll love IRON SIGHTS!

This book was overloaded with testosterone to the point that even the lightest of feminists would be foaming at the mouth over this massive level of “toxic masculinity”. It’s no wonder that the soy boys of social media have such a problem with Meyer and the type of stories he enjoys, as this “alpha male” fantasy is impossible for most of them to even conceive of in their “man bag” and latte clutching world. This isn’t for the cutesy “safe” fellow that asks, “Could you please pass the almond milk?” This is for the guy that demands, “Pass me that fucking hammer!”

You see, this is the type of badass shit that is missing in comic books in 2018. Comics are escapism and entertainment, they’re not real. And they certainly don’t need to be some sort of medium that’s bastardized for political and social statements that most sane people think are silly.

Iron Sights isn’t for dudes that hold their Moscow mules with both hands, it’s for those of us that snort Wild Turkey 101 through both nostrils. Those of us that can hit the bullseye with a dart while blindfolded. Those of us that think we could take down Chuck Norris if we got in a lucky shot. Those of us that know what an Allen key is. Those of us that wear a king cobra as a fucking belt.

But all that being said and looking beyond the massive warehouse full of overflowing testosterone barrels, how does this measure up?

It’s pretty damn entertaining. Meyer and Silva crafted a solid story that feels like a balls to the wall neo-western. This would make a really badass movie, in all honesty.

I liked the characters, I liked their camaraderie and their banter. I also liked the character of Esme but I don’t want to spoil anything in regards to her. But chances are, if you bought this, you already got it and read it by this point. So I’ll just point out that I like when the damsel in distress trope is really just a red herring.

Meyer has come under a lot of criticism by his haters over his writing. To be frank, this is better than anything Gail Simone has put out this year. That’s not a cheap shot, that’s truth. Her recent work on Plastic Man and Domino gave my brain diarrhea.

Ibai Canales has also faced a lot of criticism over his art. While this isn’t what I would call “the big league standard”, it looks good for what this project is. It’s supposed to be raw, gritty and not overly refined. This isn’t the type of story that needs the art style of a maestro like Ethan Van Sciver. Iron Sights was a cool opportunity for Canales to expand on his talent and to work on something that compliments his style. He hits the tone in the right way and if I can be critical, it’s certainly better than some Erica Henderson Squirrel Girl nonsense and that shit is actually “big league” in 2018. Shit, so I guess that means Canales is above the current “big league standard”.

I’ve also got to point out that the cover art by Kelsey Shannon is a perfect marriage between badass and beautiful. I don’t give a shit about posters or anything like that but I’d hang it on my wall.

Anyway, Meyer should be proud of this book and those of us that backed it should be really happy with the end result. Richard C. Meyer delivered on his project unlike so many other comic book pros that have taken money from fans and haven’t delivered on crowd funded projects from years ago.

So grab a fat bottle of Bulleit 10 Year, a nice cigar, a big bag of beef jerky, throw your feet up on your ottoman, lean back and open this book. You’ll feel it’s “toxic masculinity” penetrate your pores and one of two things will happen: you’ll become more powerful and confident in your life choices or you’ll vomit all over your dick like a soy boy bitch child that finds the “friend zone” to be an honor.

Rating: 7.5/10
Pairs well with: the films Meyer used to describe this and I’m assuming his upcoming Jawbreakers comic.

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