Comic Review: Venom: Rex

Published: May 9th, 2018 – September 19th, 2018
Written by: Donny Cates
Art by: Ryan Stegman

Marvel Comics, 136 Pages


Let’s be real, Donny Cates is the hottest writer in comics, right now. And I’m sure he knows it too, as fans have been loving every damn thing he puts his name on, especially in 2018. Between this series, Cosmic Ghost RiderDeath of the Inhumans, his Thanos stuff and his upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy run, people can’t get enough of Mr. Cates.

While Venom isn’t my favorite of his current runs it’s in second place behind Cosmic Ghost Rider. Cates has just found a way to take a beloved character that had grown a bit stale and make him great again.

Cates expanded on the Venom backstory in a new and interesting way that reinvents the character, the symbiote species and gives it such a rich mythos to explore in the future. Venom is very much the same but he’s so much more interesting now. And I guess the timing is good, as the Venom movie comes out in a few weeks.

We also meet the symbiote “god”, who is an intense and powerful force of nature that Venom has to survive in this six issue arc. He even gets some help from the Miles Morales Spider-Man, at one point, but he eventually leaves the kid behind because the danger of this new “god” is too much for Morales and Venom needs to handle it in his own way.

This is a story with strong old school fantasy elements and I love how those aspects were worked into the symbiote species, now officially called the Klyntar. These new revelations also give Venom abilities that he didn’t know he had. And there is even a part of his backstory that goes back to the Vietnam War. That part of the Venom mythos was covered in extra depth with the recent one-shot Web of Venom: Ve’Nam.

This story was really damn enjoyable. It was stretched over issues one through six of the current Venom comic. Fans of the character and dark fantasy should love this.

Rating: 8.25/10
Pairs well with: Web of Venom: Ve’Nam one-shot, as well as Donny Cates’ other books right now: Cosmic Ghost Rider and Death of the Inhumans.

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