Comic Review: Mother Russia

Published: November 18th, 2015
Written by: Jeff McComsey
Art by: Jeff McComsey

Alterna Comics, 121 Pages


I’ve grown pretty tired of zombies in entertainment. I stopped keeping up with The Walking Dead comics and I even read some of the Fubar stuff from Alterna but I feel like the genre has been done to death.

Mother Russia surprised me though. Full disclosure, I wasn’t too keen on Fubar, which was also put out by Alterna but this story seemed to have more meaning and was just more enjoyable.

The main character, referred to as “Mother Russia” is a Soviet military sniper. The story starts with her saving a baby from being eaten by a hoard of the undead. She picks them off from a tower, drops down to get the child out of danger but then quickly finds herself overwhelmed, where she is rescued by an old German soldier just before she shoots the baby in an effort to give it a less painful death.

We get to see two people, who were formerly enemies, come together in an effort to survive and to protect the small child. There’s also a cool dog in this that helps keep the good people safe.

I loved the tone of this story and it was really accented by the art, which was simple black and white with grey highlights. The lack of color and the contrast of the ink work helped give character to the cold, bleak and hopeless environment. Everything came together in a beautiful way visually and tonally.

This was an action packed, quick read but it conveyed a lot of emotion and really hit its mark.

Solid short story, fantastic art and just an all around good read.

Rating: 7.5/10
Pairs well with: The Fubar comics from Alterna.