Film Review: Call of Cuteness (2017)

Release Date: February 10th, 2017 (Berlin International Film Festival)
Directed by: Brenda Lien
Written by: Brenda Lien
Music by: Oliver Rossol (sound department)

4 Minutes


This was a quick and bizarre animated short that I watched in a string of other shorts while having a mini festival with some friends that wanted to see how cool my FilmStruck subscription is. I shill for FilmStruck (with the Criterion add-on) hard. Well, I also shill for Noir Alley and TCM pretty hard, so TCM should put me on the payroll, just sayin’. Or at least send me some wines from their wine club.

Anyway, this German animated short had really cool art and a neat vibe to it.

While it’s title suggests that it is going to display cuteness, it has a dark twist to it and adds in some ugly and not too cute things.

I really liked the music and sound, which made the tone of the film more effective.

But really, this is so short that it is hard to really let yourself sink into it.

The gist of the film is about cats and kittens brought to life with a sort of chaotic illustrated style. While a lot of the film is comprised static images, there is always some subtle part within the art that channels the chaos into action.

Ultimately, I like the style and the vibe of this short but there just isn’t enough to really make it stand out as anything other than a cool animation experiment.

Rating: 6/10
Pairs well with: I paired this with a string of shorts from the last 3-4 years. It’s probably best to watch most shorts in a mini marathon or festival style.