Comic Review: Batgirl: Strange Loop

Published: April 25th, 2018
Written by: Hope Larson
Art by: Minkyu Jung, Jose Marzan Jr., Mat Lopes, Dan Mora

DC Comics, 50 Pages


This story arc is featued in issues 22 and 23 of the current Batgirl series.

I haven’t read any of the solo Batgirl stuff since Rebirth started but I have always been a massive fan of Barbara Gordon, especially as Batgirl. This, however, was a pretty big disappointment. And maybe it wasn’t a good place to jump in but it was a small story arc and I wanted a morsel sized sample of where the series was at. Plus, I am really enjoying Nightwing, right now and the two characters are sort of tied together.

I should also mention that I found this hard not to buy because the Dan Mora cover on issue 22 was really friggin’ cool. I don’t know, I just really liked it and sometimes I will support a book with a magnificent cover.

I didn’t find the interior art to be anywhere near as good as the cover though. Granted, the art was pretty decent but it didn’t give me anything with a real “wow” factor.

The story is sort of pointless. Batgirl saves a mother and her kid from some bad guy ex-husband with a strange gun. However, Batgirl is blasted by it and ends up trapped in her mind. The story is called Strange Loop but it’s not really a loop, it’s more of an introspective hallucination. But nothing that happens in Batgirl’s mental maze is all that interesting. This seemed like a missed opportunity to see her truly overcoming past demons. Instead, we get her fighting jacked up female wrestlers.

Batgirl figures out what’s happening, she goes against her nature and breaks free from this “loop”. She then quickly takes out the baddie. The end.

This arc certainly didn’t make me want to read more but the issue after this story is also being taken over by a new writer, so I might give it another shot. But based off of this story, I’d rather just see her pop up in Nightwing for now.

Rating: 5/10
Pairs well with: Other modern Batgirl and Batman family stories, primarily the current Nightwing series.