— Cinespiria is now Talking Pulp —

There are some changes going on around here.

Most notably, Cinespiria has changed to Talking Pulp.

I’ll be working out the kinks and the look of the site over the next month. I will still post with the same regularity, except for the middle of July, as I’ll be traveling for work. But I hope to have everything updated and where I want it by the end of the month.

You can expect the same sort of content but I am trying to put more emphasis on articles that aren’t just reviews. Right now, I’ve been digging up some old pop culture articles I wrote for other sites over the last several years. Once my work travel is behind me and things stabilize a bit more, I will produce more original content.

Until then, enjoy the new look, the new name and not much changing in regards to the content this site is most known for: reviews, lists and some pop culture commentary.

And for those shitty movies, we’ll still keep the trusty Cinespiria Shitometer around to analyze the contents of those poopy pictures. Although, the name may change to the Pulp Shitometer, Pulpy Poopometer or something like that.