Film Review: Hollywood Cop (1987)

Also known as: California Cops (Germany, Hungary), O Polícia de Hollywood (Portugal)
Release Date: September 22nd, 1987 (West Germany video premiere)
Directed by: Amir Shervan
Written by: Amir Shervan
Music by: Elton Ahi
Cast: James Mitchum, Cameron Mitchell, David Goss

Peacock Films, 101 Minutes


“You know what you’ve done for me? The commissioner’s on my ass. I get gas. Every day ends with a Tums festival! Right now, because of you I gotta go to the bathroom.” – Capt. Bonano

Amir Shervan made five films in the United States before retiring, this was the first of those five films. The others were the universally panned yet beloved Samurai Cop, as well as the lesser known films Killing American StyleYoung Rebels and Gypsy. I’ve seen all of these except for Gypsy.

Out of the four pictures I’ve seen, this is the worst one. Still, it was enjoyable and certainly watchable if you are into films that are so bad that they are a delight. Especially from the ’80s, as that decade’s cheese had a way of making bad things taste great.

This film also feels like a proto-Samurai Cop. It’s like the practice run for that film. It has the cool and likable badass cop with an amusing black partner, an angry and hilarious police captain, a pretty blonde woman in trouble, a blonde cop that the hero inappropriately flirts with, vile gangsters and a Los Angeles setting. All it’s missing is the samurai element and bad wigs. This does have the added bonus of a kid that loves goats and dogs but finds himself kidnapped by the gangsters because his deadbeat dad disappeared with their money. But I liked this kid’s scenes. Also, this film has lots of boobies in it.

Props to that kid though, as he got his ass kicked a lot in this movie. And he was like the damn Dog Whisperer, as he tamed a killer attack dog and made it his protector. Well, until the dog got merked like this was a John Wick movie.

With so much going for it, the film still falls flat. Compared to those other American films by Shervan, this one just has a lot of drawn out boring moments. It just isn’t as refined and quick paced as the other films. But after seeing this, it is hard to imagine those other, better films existing if it weren’t for this coming first. This was a template that Shervan was able to add to and build off of going forward.

Well, I’m 80 percent of my way through Shervan’s American pictures. So I guess I had better check out Gypsy in the near future.

Rating: 5.25/10
Pairs well with: Amir Shervan’s other American films: Samurai CopKilling American StyleYoung Rebels and I’m assuming Gypsy.