Comic Review: G.I. Joe: The Cobra Files, Vol. 2

Published: March 5th, 2014
Written by: Mike Costa
Art by: Werther Dell’edera, Antonio Fuso
Based on: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero by Hasbro

IDW Publishing, 104 Pages


I really liked everything about the stories surrounding Flint’s group of Joes after the events of Cobra Civil War and Cobra Command. This is sadly, the last of those stories, as this is where the group disbands due to Flint feeling like they have evolved in a way that doesn’t make them different than the enemy.

There are some big twists in the story, which keeps it really engaging. Some swerves you see coming but are still a hard pill to swallow when you’ve been following these characters for what is the equivalent of roughly twenty single issues between this series and its predecessor, G.I. Joe: Cobra.

Initially, this started out a bit slow but once things got moving, they really got friggin’ moving!

I loved this story arc and it was a great sendoff to one of my favorite splinter groups within IDW’s G.I. Joe run. It was also a great sendoff for Mike Costa, who would leave the G.I. Joe franchise at the end of this third IDW phase of titles.

Everything that Costa had written in regards to the character of Chameleon really comes full circle here. I wasn’t a big fan of the character in the beginning but she becomes something great in this story.

This also features the Night Creepers, once again, and brings Firefly back into the plot, as he has been working with Tomax all along despite Tomax’s sort of imprisonment within the Vegas G.I. Joe HQ.

Hands down, this turned into one of my favorite G.I. Joe stories. It sucks that some beloved characters met their demise but this is why IDW was really damn good at producing adult G.I. Joe stories. Granted, IDW goes off the rails not too long after this third phase of titles.

Mike Costa, I tip my proverbial hat to you, as you created new Joe stories for me to love and cherish till the end of time. Costa, along with the excellent work of Chuck Dixon, was able to keep G.I. Joe fun and exciting but in a way that shows respect to the fans that grew up with these characters, who are now adults that can’t seem to put these stories down.

Rating: 9.25/10
Pairs well with: The two stories that happen alongside this one: G.I. Joe: Special Missions, Vol. 2 and G.I. Joe, Vol. 2: Threat Matrix.