Comic Review: G.I. Joe: The Cobra Files, Vol. 1

Published: September 17th, 2013
Written by: Mike Costa
Art by: Antonio Fuso
Based on: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero by Hasbro

IDW Publishing, 104 Pages


This is the start of a new series but really, it is just a pick up of IDW’s G.I. Joe: Cobra series. In that series, at least after the events of the Cobra Civil War and Cobra Command, the Joe team was splintered into smaller groups. G.I. Joe: Cobra started following a team led by Flint that also featured Tomax, a Cobra member who the Joes were using for intel. Although, Tomax obviously can’t be trusted, even if he does provide good info on the Cobra terrorists. When this book starts, Flint and his team are still in Las Vegas where their secret headquarters is inside of a massive casino.

This picks up the plot threads from their previous stories and brings back the son of the original Cobra Commander, who has been in a coma since the Joes first brought him into their base.

This story mostly follows Chameleon, an ex-Cobra agent that worked directly under Tomax. She has to deal with her hatred of him while also doing her job and trying to repent for the sins of her Cobra affiliation. She also takes command of an important mission here.

The first part of the book deals with the apprehension of former Cobra agent Copperhead. Things do not go as smoothly as they should and Chameleon has to deal with her own issues with that. Flint is there to try and help her and Tomax is there to try and taunt her with his very presence.

Another big part of this story is the introduction of the Night Creepers. Some people may remeber them from the ’80s toyline, comics and cartoon. They were a secret ninja group within Cobra that were extremely covert, used evil ninja trickery and wore really cool outfits. They look different in their IDW incarnation but the spirit of what they are is still there. They’re just more modern, realistic and a bit less hokey than the original source material was.

While this book had some good plot developments and featured both Copperhead and the Night Creepers, it was a bit bland. The final battle in this story arc was exciting and cool. It featured the Night Creepers infiltrating the Pentagon with nuclear torpedoes shot from the Potomac River. But regardless of the action that capped off the final issue in this collection, this book mainly serves the purpose of character development. That’s fine though, as I like most of the characters involved in this story.

Rating: 7.25/10
Pairs well with: The G.I. Joe: Cobra series by IDW, which this story picks up from. Also, the two stories that happen alongside this one: G.I. Joe: Special Missions, Vol. 1 and G.I. Joe, Vol. 1: Homefront.