Book Review: ‘Miami Ice: Winning the NHL Rat Race With the Florida Panthers’ by Dave Rosenbaum

*Written in 2016.

As the Florida Panthers started getting good again with a team I really enjoy watching, I wanted to read a book about their fairly short history. I am a Blackhawks fan but I have lived in Florida my whole life and frequented a lot of games during the Panthers big playoff run in the mid ’90s.

Miami Ice is just about the only book I could find that covers the early days of the team. It was released in the late ’90s, so it is pretty outdated but it covered the era I wanted to read about in great depth.

This book actually gets into how the team came to be. It chronicles all the early talks of expansion of the NHL into Florida. It even talks about the history of the sport itself in the Miami area. I never knew about the Tropical Hockey League that existed for one season from 1938-1939. But that is just one cool little tidbit about Florida’s hockey history that no one has ever talked about in my lifetime. Miami Ice holds a lot of surprises.

Dave Rosenbaum penned a pretty awesome book here. It is immensely informative, as well as being an entertaining and fun read. It certainly doesn’t feel dated.

Whether you are a fan of the Panthers or not, this is a good book to add to your hockey library, if you have one. I’m sure I will thumb through it from time-to-time and still refer to it during drunken hockey debates.

Rating: 8.25/10
Pairs well with: Grit and Glory: The Remarkable Story of the Florida Panthers by David Smale, Florida Panthers (Inside the NHL) by Taylor Reed

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