Comic Review: G.I. Joe: Infestation

Published: 2011
Written by: Mike Raicht
Art by: Matthew Dow Smith
Based on: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero by Hasbro

IDW Publishing, 54 Pages


I heard good things about IDW’s big crossover event Infestation, so I thought I’d check out the G.I. Joe portion of the event with plans to certainly read the TransformersStar Trek and Ghostbusters books as well.

However, I was really underwhelmed by this story. Two issues was just two short for this arc and maybe it needs to be read within the context of the larger arc spread between six different titles. Regardless, this just didn’t do much for me.

This just seemed like a weak and gimmicky attempt at throwing the G.I. Joe franchise into a zombie storyline and to be frank, the zombie shtick has been milked so hard in the last decade that the undead cow’s utters have already rotted off. And I’m a guy that used to eat up zombie fiction like brains at a living dead smorgasbord.

The story also only showcases less than a handful of Joes and very briefly. The only other known character in this story is the Baroness, who you know will survive, so the story loses all of its suspense and tension. Everyone else in this tale is just a random scientist you’ve never seen before or either a Cobra Viper or Eel a.k.a. fodder for the monsters.

Also, the zombie element is just really weird and nonsensical. The “virus” comes aboard this secret installation through technology. It takes over the B.A.T.S. (Battle Android Troopers for those unaware). Then it zombifies cyborg animals in the lab. So you get zombie cyborg monkeys, a zombie cyborg falcon and some other stuff.

The plot feels weird and random and just sort of feels thrown together in a cheap attempt for IDW to create their own version of the uber successful Marvel Zombies stories.

I’m more interested in the second Infestation event, as that one takes some cool franchises and mixes them with H.P. Lovecraft horror stories. That’s definitely a cooler idea than throwing zombies into a story for the sake of just throwing zombies into a story.

Rating: 5.5/10
Pairs well with: Other releases in IDW’s multi-franchise Infestation and Infestation 2 crossovers.

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