Book Review: ‘The SABR Baseball List & Record Book’ by the Society for American Baseball Research

*Written in 2014.

The SABR Baseball List & Record Book is one of the most interesting books a baseball stat head can pick up.

First of all, it is thick as hell. It is certainly a beast and each page of this beast is full of lists of thousands of statistics that you cannot find anywhere else. If you’ve ever wanted to know who is the all-time leader in triples for left-handed batters, there is a list for you. If you ever wanted to know who is the leader for most pitcher strikeouts in a season before 1893, there is a list for you. The amount of statistics and the detail in them is pretty insane.

In fact, I read through the book trying to come up with an idea of something they may have forgot. I came up with nothing. Even when I thought I had something, they answered it and then expanded on it with multiple lists that included specifics that I didn’t anticipate.

This book is the closest thing to God that I have ever experienced.

When it comes to baseball and especially sabermetrics now, I am turning into a crazy person. This book just came along and magnified my problems. I’m not worried about it though, I’m just going to sleep with this book as my pillow now and respond like a rabid animal whenever someone tries to take it from me. It. Is. My. PREEEECIOUS!!!

Rating: 9.75/10
Pairs well with: Baseball Between the Numbers by The Baseball Prospectus Team of Experts, The Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract by Bill James.