Book Review: ‘White Fang’ by Jack London

*Written in 2014.

White Fang is my favorite book by Jack London. Although I love The Call of the Wild, it was quite short and always seemed like a sort of spiritual rough draft for White Fang.

This book is pretty epic and, as a child, it brought me a real sense of adventure and excitement that I hadn’t really felt yet at the time. It showed me what life and times were like in Alaska during the Yukon Gold Rush in the 1890s. London’s words and way of using them to paint a picture, really brought my mind into that world. Without sounding too cheesy, I felt as if I was there with Weedon Scott and White Fang.

By the way, I always thought it was interesting that in the 1991 film version the main character shared the same name as the author: Jack. The filmmakers must’ve been on the same wavelength as myself, as I feel like London saw himself in the character and thus, told an incredibly personal story, that while it was fiction, was very true to many of his own real life experiences.

The book shows the cruelty and the love of man. In its very essence, the story is an experiment with the relationship between man and the wild. London was the best at these sort of stories and never did he disappoint. In the end, I see this work as his magnum opus. And since I mentioned the film earlier, that’s not half bad either.

Rating: 9.75/10
Pairs well with: Jack London’s other work.

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