Comic Review: G.I. Joe: Origins – Omnibus Two

Published: September 16th, 2014
Written by: Chuck Dixon, Larry Hama, various
Art by: S.L. Gallant, Alex Cal, Werther Dell’edera, various
Based on: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero by Hasbro

IDW Publishing, 268 Pages


After reading the first G.I. Joe: Origins omnibus, I had to immediately jump into the second and final one.

This collection of stories wasn’t as good as the first but it was still some solid G.I. Joe material to sink your teeth into and helps to build up the foundation for all the other IDW stories that came after it.

There is a one chapter Larry Hama Snake Eyes story in here, so that is a treat to any real old school Joe fan. We also get some material from Chuck Dixon, another accomplished G.I. Joe writer, as well as a few others.

My favorite part of this collection was the last four chapters, which were about a character named Monk and how he was manipulated by Cobra into becoming something greater than what he should have been. Eventually, he becomes the pet of Krake, who goes on to be the second Cobra Commander in the IDW G.I. Joe universe.

The art in this collection is fantastic, the stories are pretty good and it is a nice addition to the IDW lineage of G.I. Joe titles. It serves to give more background on the Joes and Cobra, which really just enhances the experience of reading IDW’s main G.I. Joe storylines during the runs of Chuck Dixon and Mike Costa.

Rating: 8.25/10
Pairs well with: G.I. Joe: Origins – Omnibus One, as well as other early IDW G.I. Joe stories before the Cobra Civil War mega event.