Book Review: ‘Bacon: A Love Story’ by Heather Lauer

*Written in 2014.

This is a book about bacon. It is also written by the original bacon blogger, Heather Lauer. Her awesome blog Bacon Unwrapped is here.

Bacon: A Love Story, A Salty Survey of Everybody’s Favorite Meat is an epic read for lovers of the infamous and tastiest of all of the meats available on this planet we call Earth.

Now while I say epic, the book is actually a hair over 200 pages. While that may seem too short to be a proper epic, the amount of information and knowledge within those pages is immense.

Several subjects on bacon are covered, from cooking and curing with time honored traditions and how bacon has been a force within pop culture. There are lists of chefs and venues that share the love of bacon and the book contains a multitude of baconcentric recipes. There are random bacon facts and comedic bits also sprinkled throughout this literary masterpiece. There is a lot to take in but if you worship bacon, as I and the author do, you will appreciate every page and every word of this book.

I don’t know if Heather Lauer is married but to put it bluntly, she has won over my mind and my stomach.

Rating: 7.5/10
Pairs well with: Everyone Loves Bacon by Kelly Dipucchio and Eric Wright