Comic Review: G.I. Joe: Cobra, Vol. 2: Son of the Snake

Published: January 22nd, 2013
Written by: Mike Costa
Art by: Antonio Fuso
Based on: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero by Hasbro

IDW Publishing, 104 Pages


After reading through the massive Cobra Civil War event and its sequel Cobra Command, I wanted to see what was next in IDW’s G.I. Joe run. That brought me to Son of the Snake, which is one of the next story arcs after those much bigger books.

This tale happens alongside G.I. Joe: Deep Terror and G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow, Vol. 1. I have already read and reviewed Deep Terror.

The G.I. Joe team is broken up into different fragments. This story follows Flint’s group, who are hiding in a casino owned by their new ally and ex-Cobra member, Tomax. Tomax, who escaped a coup gone wrong, reveals to the Joes that the original Cobra Commander had a son and that Cobra is unaware of him. Flint’s team then makes it their mission to find the original Commander’s son in hopes that he has any sort of information that can help them hurt Cobra.

This story serves to develop the characters of Lady Jaye, Chameleon, Ronin, Firefly and Tomax a bit more. It also shows things in a state of flux, as G.I. Joe is splintered and lacking resources while Cobra is having its own internal problems.

This isn’t a great or exciting story but it is similar to Deep Terror in how it gives readers a break from the massive Cobra Civil War and Cobra Command mega-events. The break was needed and it was, at this point, necessary to spend more intimate time with certain characters. This story develops those characters well and helps to enrich the IDW G.I. Joe universe.

For long time G.I. Joe fans, this is a pretty good and engaging read. I like these smaller stories that deal with smaller groups even if the “all out war” events are incredibly fun spectacles.

Son of the Snake is well written, I liked the art and it had a harsh edge to it.

Rating: 7.25/10
Pairs well with:  G.I. Joe: Deep Terror and G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow, Vol. 1., the two stories that happen alongside this one.

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