Film Review: Hellish Spiders (1968)

Also known as: Arañas Infernales (original Spanish title), Cerebros diabolicos (alternate Spanish title), Blue Demon vs. the Hellish Spiders (alternate title)
Release Date: May 31st, 1968 (Mexico)
Directed by: Federico Curiel
Written by: Adolfo Torres Portillo, Luis Enrique Vergara
Music by: Jorge Perez
Cast: Blue Demon, Blanca Sanchez, Martha Elena Cervantes, Ramon Bugarini, Sergio Virel

Filmica Vergara S.A., 85 Minutes


I’m not a fluent Spanish speaker by any means but I took Spanish for two years in high school and Duolingo says I’m 41 percent fluent. Still, I have always loved lucha libre and lucha libre movies of the ’60s and ’70s. Blue Demon was always a favorite of mine, even though El Santo was pretty much the lucha king of Mexico. But since it has been a while since I’ve watched one of these crazy pictures, I figured I’d fire up a Blue Demon one.

Sure, I don’t understand most of the dialogue and these things don’t typically come with subtitles on YouTube, where you can find many of them, but it doesn’t take extreme proficiency in español to understand what’s happening in these movies.

You see, Blue Demon is a total badass. He rules the rings of Mexico and is basically a superhero in the minds of his fans. So when a race of alien spiders decide to take over the Earth, he rushes to action to stop their evil plan.

There are two big highlights in the film. The biggest though is during a lucha libre match when one of the luchadores “spiders out” in the ring like some sort of were-spider. His hand becomes a mutant spider fist that starts biting people and injecting them with venom for instant kills. The other highlight is the big finale that pits Blue Demon against the spider aliens in their webby lair.

The action isn’t great but the wrestling is fair. Also, the cinematography is pretty terrible, the effects are acceptable for the time and regardless of my language barrier, the acting left a lot to be desired. But Blue Demon still shined, which is really all that matters.

Lucha libre films aren’t good movies by any stretch of the imagination but they are at least ridiculous and entertaining, especially this older stuff.

Despite the below average rating, because I can’t give it anything higher and keep a straight face, I do like this picture. It’s a relic of a bygone era that was cooler than the one we live in now. Plus, it’s about a famous luchador fighting alien spiders! Seriously, what’s cooler than that?

Rating: 4.75/10
Pairs well with: Other Blue Demon movies, as well as any other lucha libre films from the era.


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