Book Review: ‘100 Things Cubs Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die’ by Jimmy Greenfield

*Written in 2014.

One thing that everyone who gets to know me comes to realize pretty quickly, is that I have a crack rock-like addiction to the Chicago Cubs. I can’t help it. Yes, they haven’t won a World Series now in 106 years but that is what makes this quest to the next championship a powerful one, more powerful than the quest of any other team in the world in any other sport in the world! The day the Cubs finally win their third World Series, over a century since their last, the Earth will literally spin off of its axis, explode and then reform, with all life intact, to look like an Earth-sized Wrigley Field floating in space. God will then finally notice us and peer through the cosmos to see something that just may be greater than himself. That’s my theory anyway.

Moving on, this is the first 100 Things.. book that I have read, I also read the Blackhawks one right after this (review posted later). Jimmy Greenfield did a superb job compiling facts and stories for all die hard Cubs fans to thoroughly enjoy. “Superb” might be an understatement actually.

You see, I have read almost every book there is on Cubs stories and facts and whatnot and this one, in my opinion, is by far the best. A lot of these types of books just recycle the same material over and over and having read most of them, I’ve heard it all before. With this book, Greenfield really did his research and went to further depths. This was refreshing and the vast majority of it was new stuff that I didn’t know. I wish he’d write a sequel because even after getting through the 100 things, I still wanted more.

I am a huge fan of this series and find them so informative and entertaining that I quickly followed this book up with the Blackhawks one and also have been thinking about getting the volumes for all my teams that are available. In fact, I’ve thought about slowly buying every one of these in print because I’d love to go this far in-depth for every team, even those I detest.

I can’t pimp this book out enough. It is a must read for every Cubs fan and really any sports fan. If you’re not a Cubs fan, go to Amazon and search for your team’s book; I’m sure it’s there.

Rating: 8.25/10
Pairs well with: Other books in this large series.