Comic Review: The Amazing Spider-Ham: 25th Anniversary

Published: June 30th, 2010
Written by: Tom Peyer, Tom Defalco
Art by: Joe Jusko, Adam Dekraker, Jacob Chabot, Agnieszka Garbowska

Marvel Comics, 52 Pages


I like Spider-Pig or Spider-Ham or whatever you want to call him. He’s a goofy comedic relief character that has made me smile for years. However, he seems to work best when he crosses over with human characters. Here, he is back in his own dimension where he must battle a myriad of animal-based villains.

This is comprised of three stories, which means they’re all pretty short, since this is a single issue comic. Although, it is about the size of a double issue.

The first story sees Spider-Ham face off against the Swinester Six. In his universe, they are Doctor Octopussy, Sandmanatee, Eelectro, The Buzzard, Mysteriape and the Green Gobbler. Yes, the are just as bizarre as Spider-Ham but the Sandmanatee had me in hysterics.

The next story is about Spider-Ham’s daughter, Swiney-Girl, facing off against Crayfin the Bunter, who is a disgruntled baseball player that wants revenge on J. Jonah Jackal. This story is split in half with a really short third story in the middle that sees Spider-Ham turned into a human by Ducktor Doom. That one ends with human Spider-Ham eating Doom… seriously. It was both awesome and sort of disturbing.

The Amazing Spider-Ham: 25th Anniversary was amusing but the stories were over as quick as they started and really, it just left me wishing there was more to them or that they just focused on one solid story. I know that Spider-Ham is more like a comic strip than a comic book but Marvel has proven that they can do solid full-length stories, as they gave us a great Spider-Ham tale with Ultimate Civil War: Spider-Ham, a few years before this one.

Rating: 6/10
Pairs well with: Ultimate Civil War: Spider-Ham