Ranking the Films of David Cronenberg

*Written in 2014.

David Cronenberg is an insanely visual director who has a penchant for body horror. Since the first time I saw The Fly remake in the ’80s, I was hooked on Cronenberg’s style, as disturbing as it seemed to my little kid mind at the time. Here I have ranked his full-length feature films:

1. Videodrome
2. The Fly
3. Naked Lunch
4. Eastern Promises
5. Scanners
6. A History of Violence
7. The Brood
8. A Dangerous Method
9. Crash
10. The Dead Zone
11. Maps to the Stars
12. Dead Ringers
13. Spider
14. M. Butterfly
15. They Came From Within (also known as Shivers)
16. Rabid
17. Fast Company
18. Cosmopolis
19. eXistenZ
20. Crimes of the Future
21. Stereo

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