Comic Review: Ultimate Civil War: Spider-Ham

Published: March, 2007
Written by: J. Michael Straczynski
Art by: Mike Wieringo, John Severin, Nick Dragotta, Skottie Young, Jim Mahfood

Marvel Comics, 25 Pages


I read this while eating a ham and cheese omelet and a side of bacon at the diner by my house. I kind of feel guilty in retrospect but I guess it helped me have a greater appreciation for Spider-Ham in some weird, twisted way.

Spider-Ham is a parody character but his best stories are the ones that cross over with the real Marvel heroes. This one issue book is a parody of the events of Civil War but it features the real Captain America, Iron Man and Doctor Strange, who has the largest cameo.

Spider-Ham is a little disturbed over the fact that he doesn’t have thought bubbles like the comics of old. This is to poke fun at the modern style of comics that usually present inner dialogue in boxes. Spider-Ham just wants his old school thought bubbles, so he goes on a quest in search of them.

Our porky hero crosses paths with the Avengers battling each other and finds himself sucked into the void with Doctor Strange, who was unaware that Spider-Ham was right next to him when he cast a spell. Spider-Ham then finds himself bouncing around different realities and one is even a parody of Apocalypse Now. In the end, we get a hilarious and glorious twist.

This is an incredibly quick read and a fun one at that. I love Spider-Ham when he pops up in stuff and reading his own comic, which I haven’t done since I was a kid in the ’80s was a blast.

Rating: 7.5/10
Pairs well with: The Amazing Spider-Ham: 25th Anniversary Special and Spider-Gwen, Vol. 0: Most Wanted?