Book Review: ‘The Way of the SEAL: Think Like an Elite Warrior to Lead and Succeed’ by Mark Divine & Allyson E. Machate

I had some high expectations for this book after seeing how highly rated it was on Amazon. I was disappointed.

It was too full of stories and personal examples that seemed like shameless self-promotion. The bits that were helpful advice were comprised of a lot of the same shit I’ve heard pretty much everywhere since the time I was able to read.

Also, he got into the whole “Law of Attraction” thing without calling it that. I felt like I was reading a Navy SEALs memoir about how to use The Secret, as he talked about meditating on what you want and visualizing it as happening. At least he didn’t go as far as saying that a wizard would appear and grant your wish.

I expected something moderately profound or at least highly useful from what I read about this book. Instead, I got a dude talking about his failed businesses and other bio shit with a bunch of recycled sagely mumbo jumbo sprinkled on top.

It’s not a bad book but it doesn’t offer much that I haven’t encountered elsewhere and I don’t care enough about this guy to need his life story filling up most of the pages. I didn’t intend to buy a biography.

Actually, it is a bad book. Simply for all the woo woo bullshit.

Rating: 4/10
Pairs well with: Other woo woo bullshit that rejects science and promotes nonsense.

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