Documentary Review: 24 Hour Comic (2017)

Release Date: March 21st, 2017 (Fargo Film Festival)
Directed by: Milan Erceg
Written by: David Chelsea, Milan Erceg, Ryan Sage

Milan Ercep Doc Films, 71 Minutes


I have heard about these 24 hour comic challenges that happen all over the country. I never get anything cool like this near me because Southwest Florida is devoid of any culture whatsoever. Well, unless you’re into Paul Anka impersonators, shell art and mediocre paintings of the Naples Pier.

I was pretty interested in checking this out, as I used to be a comic book artist. Well, not professionally, but I did some books in my early teen years and actually started a company with some friends in middle school. We were featured in the newspaper once, as we were successfully selling our books to other kids and making some money: most of which I deposited into a bank called Street Fighter II: Champion Edition.

While this documentary does a decent job of showcasing what this challenge is, it was surprisingly dull. I mean, I enjoyed it enough but I’ll probably never want to watch it again or show it to anyone, unless they have an interest in this challenge.

Mostly, this documentary focuses on a few of the people doing the challenge and some of their backstory. I liked feeling a connection to some of the artists but I would have liked to have known more about the history of the challenge and maybe seen interviews with actual people working in the comic book industry and their two cents on these sort of events.

I liked the movie but that’s mainly because I made comics for some time and understand the process and the difficulty of the challenge. It’d be hard for me to recommend this to anyone that doesn’t have that sort of connection to the medium, however.

Rating: 6/10
Pairs well with: Other documentaries about comic books.

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