Book Review: ‘Leave No Doubt: A Credo For Chasing Your Dreams’ by Mike Babcock & Rick Larsen

*Written in 2015.

Mike Babcock is already one of the greatest ice hockey coaches of all-time. He is the only coach to win the Stanley Cup, the World Championship and gold at the Olympic Games. He is also still pretty young and has a lot of years ahead of him, considering he recently signed a deal making him the coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs for at least a decade. So who wouldn’t want to read his words of wisdom?

It is rare that a leader as great as Babcock allows someone to get inside their head. This book is certainly a treat in that respect. He has accomplished a lot but he is still very down to Earth and humble. It isn’t a book about ego or his accolades, it is more or less a book about how his attitude and passion helped him achieve victory on the ice and in life.

It is a short book but it doesn’t need to be an epic. He goes through all of the big parts of his career and describes his mindset and how he overcame and succeeded in the face of hard challenges.

The book teaches leadership and attitude management in a very straightforward and practical way. Most of what Coach Babcock says in this book is common sense but Leave No Doubt is a solid piece of work that exists to serve as a reminder of how one should carry themselves personally and professionally.

His passion is clear and it works as a great motivator while working your way through this quick read. There isn’t much new or world changing in the book but it is one of the best written and straight to the point works on its subject matter.

Rating: 8/10
Pairs well with: Tough Guy: My Life On the Edge by Bob Probert and Kirstie McLellan Day, Made In America by Chris Chelios and Kevin Allen

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