Video Game Review: Boom Beach (Phones & Tablets)

*Written in 2014.

Since having to finally give up on Windows Phone due to no new devices and lack of development, I ended up not going back to the Evil Apple and instead went Android for the first time because the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge looked like an awesome piece of hardware. It is, by the way. Amazing, actually.

Getting back on an OS that actually has a lot of stuff being developed for it was a welcome change. I forgot what it was like to have a lot of good quality games on my phone. The most addictive, by far, has been Supercell’s Boom Beach.

I’ve played this thing for countless hours now and it is one of the few games that I have actually spent money on, as far as in game currency. For me, that is a pretty big deal. Usually, once these free games start needing money in order to advance through them, I lose interest and then go on to play another.

Now I get that this money generating scheme is how these developers stay in business and initially the software is free but it is still irritating. You see, I’m still of that old school gaming generation though; the one that pays for a game and expects it all to be there.

Typically, I don’t like waiting for a timer in a game to hinder my progress. I don’t mind that so much with this game. Although, I’d still like it to be speedier.

The graphics and animation are great. The game really is pretty slick to look at and with the fun factor pretty high, it is a rare gem in smartphone games. Plus, the whole point of the game is to blow shit up – a lot of shit.

I actually need to hurry up now and finish this review, as I have to go check on my gunboat, which should be upgraded to Level 8 by now.

Rating: 7.75/10
Pairs well with: Other Supercell games.