Book Review: ‘The Art of Mental Training’ by DC Gonzalez

This book is crap.

While I often times have problems with staying focused, I was looking for something that might help in that area. This book only helped in wasting my time for 139 pages. Well, at least it was short but had it been any longer, I would’ve probably put it down.

This book is a combination of “true examples” that seem a lot more like fiction and psychobabble bullshit a bad middle school volleyball coach would say to make his players mentally tough before their crushing defeat.

Essentially, this book keeps talking up it’s method and its three steps but doesn’t actually give you the simple three steps until the end. The first 80 percent of the book is a sales pitch. Well, I already bought the fucking thing, so save the sales pitch. Then when you get to the climax and see what the three step method is… be prepared for an epic face palm.

There is no “art” to any of this. There is also no “training”. One would be better off taking advice from a random fortune cookie.

I don’t understand how this book has a 4.7 rating on Amazon but then again a fraud like Sylvia Browne has several books over 4 stars because people eat Tide Pods.

Rating: 1/10
Pairs well with: Nothing.

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