Video Game Review: Transformers: Earth Wars (Phones & Tablets)

Transformers: Earth Wars is a real time strategy MMORPG. It’s kind of like Boom Beach but with Transformers characters, which immediately makes it superior. I also prefer the playing style of this game, even though I was quite the avid Boom Beach player for a year or so, at one point.

One thing that actually makes this a more fun experience than games like it, is that upgrading doesn’t seem to be as much of a resource depleted/time consuming hassle. I’ve progressed at a speed that has helped to keep me engaged and invested. I’ve now gotten to the point where some upgrades take a few days but you can upgrade up to five things at the same time. Plus, getting material isn’t as painstakingly difficult as it is in similar games. You can get building materials pretty quickly in battles and since you can upgrade your characters fairly quickly, acquiring more materials is pretty easy. I often times find myself with more materials than I need.

On the flip side, when your base is attacked by other players, it isn’t as catastrophic to your progress as it probably should be but I like this. Maybe those similar games could learn from this one, as not getting pillaged for your essential materials keeps you moving forward at a swift pace instead of constantly getting close to an important upgrade only to get hit by an attack and pretty much finding yourself back to square one. That is actually what eventually turned me off from Boom Beach, as I was stuck in an endless limbo.

Transformers: Earth Wars is a well balanced game for its style. You have to work at it but you are rewarded at a pace that is acceptable and keeps you wanting to play. The events and the alliance aspects of the game are also well crafted. It’s the first time where I’ve played a game like this and I wasn’t in an alliance that needed me to be engaged 24/7. That’s hard to do when you have a life. This game gives you a good mix of events, war and regular play, which is important if you need to battle for materials.

Rating: 8.5/10

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