Film Review: Radar Secret Service (1950)

Also known as: Radar-Geheimpolizei (West Germany & Austria)
Release Date: January 28th, 1950
Directed by: Sam Newfield
Written by: Baryl Sachs
Music by: Russell Garcia, Richard Hazard
Cast: John Howard, Adele Jergens

Lippert Pictures Inc., 61 Minutes


“G-Men . . . T-Men . . . and now . . . R-Men!” – film tagline

Man, where to start with this turkey?

It was featured in an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and for good reason. It’s pretty dreadful but not completely unwatchable. It works well within the context of the MST3K episode and its films like this that are the best for riffing.

The story is about criminals who steal some uranium. So the government brings in these agents to track it down using new radar technology. It’s even more boring than it sounds but there is a sort of hokey charm about the film.

It obviously wanted to tap into the success of the James Cagney’s 1935 picture G-Men and the 1947 film-noir T-Men, which was a film made in a semidocumentary style. The film’s marketing presented the picture with a tagline calling these heroes “R-Men”.

It is interesting seeing the post-World War II paranoia that was normal at the time of this film’s release. Also, it tapped into the fears surrounding atomic material. Although, this doesn’t have the benefit of giant insects and a lot of awful forced perspective shots.

Radar Secret Service is pretty boring and uneventful. Yeah, it is a shitty film, there’s no denying that but it can be salvaged by watching it with the MST3K riffing of it.

So considering the awfulness of this picture, it needs to be run through the Cinespiria Shitometer. The results read, “Type 6 Stool: Fluffy pieces with ragged edges, a mushy stool.”

And no trailer on the Internet for this one, so I guess I’ll treat you to the MST3K episode that features the film.

Rating: 2/10