Book Review: ‘Don Cherry’s Hockey Stories and Stuff’ by Don Cherry and Al Strachan

*written in 2014.

Don Cherry is a hell of a sports personality and probably my favorite guy in the world of hockey that was never a Blackhawk. Cherry has an interesting panache and style. In fact, I recently did a post that counted down his flamboyant jackets (that was for another website). He also has a very Don Cherry way of talking and expressing himself and tapping into that is what made this book unique and special.

Instead of this being a book penned in an academic or typical biographical style, it is a disorganized oration of Cherry telling disorganized stories – written verbatim by co-author Al Strachan. It reads in exactly the same way Don Cherry talks when he is gracing the television set ranting about this or that.

It is a beefy book with a lot of tales: some short, some long. Regardless of their length, each story is engaging and entertaining, as you read the words on the page and hear Don Cherry in your mind, boisterously reciting the words on the page. This book is almost like sitting in a room with the man, as he tells countless stories and enhances the legend of already known tales.

Don Cherry, is a “love him or hate him” type of character. If you love him, this book is well worth your time. If you hate him, go worship that piss midget Pierre McGuire.

Rating: 7.75/10

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