Film Review: The 18 Bronzemen (1976)

Also known as: Shao Lin Si shi ba tong ren (original Chinese title)
Release Date: October 28th, 1976 (Philippines)
Directed by: Joseph Kuo
Written by: Hsin Yi Chang, Hung-Yan Kuo, Joseph Kuo, Chung Yen
Music by: Ying-Yu Chen
Cast: Chiang Nan, Jack Long, Peng Tien, Polly Shang Kuan, Carter Wong

Karlot, Kuo Hwa Motion Pictures Co., Taiwan Li Cheng Film Company, 81 Minutes


The 18 Bronzemen is an old kung fu movie I came across on Amazon Video while looking for old Wu-Tang movies to kill a Saturday afternoon with. After seeing this, I’m pretty sure it was in someway responsible for Wu-Tang Clan member U-God taking on the nickname “Golden Arms”.

The film features some great sequences of warrior brothers entering a sacred temple, guarded by 18 bronze soldiers. They must fight groups of these shiny metallic warriors in an effort to pass a myriad of tests within the temple. This portion of the film takes up the first half and it is damn fun to watch.

The second half of the film, sees the brothers and some allies unite in an effort to defeat an evil tyrant. The final confrontation starts when the tyrant’s impostors appear and the good guys must fight a band of evil tyrant clones.

This isn’t well written but most kung fu movies aren’t. This is fairly derivative of the style but the first half of the film is cool as hell. Then again, I’ve always liked temple adventures and warrior trials. The golden colored martial artists were an added bonus and frankly, these scenes are just cool as friggin’ hell.

The 18 Bronzemen also went on to have a sequel, which came out the same year. These movies aren’t in any way the best of the kung fu genre but if you like these types of films, they aren’t a waste of time and are pretty amusing.

Rating: 6/10

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