Comic Review: Batman Arkham – The Riddler

Published: May 19th, 2015
Written by: various
Art by: various

DC Comics, 296 Pages


If you are a fan of the big anthology collection The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told, then you will probably love the Batman Arkham collections, each of which focuses on a specific villain from Batman’s huge rogues gallery.

I actually found these while looking for a collection of tales featuring the Riddler. He’s always been a favorite villain of mine but I feel like he gets pushed aside for the Joker and that still newb to me, Harley Quinn.

This edition of Batman Arkham is pretty badass and a must own, if you are a real fan of Edward Nygma.

It has his earliest stories and a bunch of others throughout several decades leading up to more modern tales. Some of these are key Riddler stories, although a few are not. Some of the more modern stuff felt like extra pizzazz added in for newer fans that might not be too keen on that older overly cheesy stuff.

Overall, I was really glad that I picked this up because a Riddler collection is long overdue and at about 300 pages, this was enough to satisfy me. Granted, I’d like a second collection because there are just so many good Riddler stories to go around.

Also, this has got me excited about picking up the other Batman Arkham collections. I already possess the one for Two-Face, so that will be my next read.

Rating: 8.5/10
Pairs well with: The other villain anthologies under the Batman – Arkham banner.