Video Game Review: DragonSoul (Phones & Tablets)

*written in 2016.

Per Blue did a fantastic job with their game DragonSoul. It is one of the most addictive phone games I have played.

I should state that it does exist in that freemium format, as in its free to download and play but you’ve got to spend money if you want to advance at a quicker pace. I’ve spent some money on it but not an arm and a leg and I’ve progressed pretty rapidly. Also, you are rewarded with your purchases through their pretty sweet VIP program. Besides, what phone game isn’t freemium anymore?

The game has nice graphics and good character design. The mechanics are solid and the fights are pretty entertaining. Additionally, the game really benefits from a very leveled system of game play. Per Blue has done a pretty great job with updates and staying on top of issues and constantly improving their product.

Another thing that makes this pocket RPG great, is that Per Blue is constantly introducing new aspects to the game all the time. There are the standard quests, the elite quests, expeditions, the Crypt, the Temple, the Mountain, daily challenges, boss battles, the Fight Pit, the Coliseum and the newest awesome addition, the Guild War. The game also offers up a variety of shops with a multitude of items to help on building your characters.

DragonSoul also boasts, at this time, close to 40 playable characters. More have been introduced each month that I have played the game, which means that there is always something to do and a character to work on. If Per Blue keeps this up, they could have a game that goes on forever.

If you are looking for good and simple RPGs, this one does the trick. All the options and game types might seem overwhelming at first but once you start playing, everything is pretty easy to handle and manage. There isn’t a steep learning curve and things stay pretty straightforward. This definitely isn’t one of the hundreds of overly complex RPGs out there, many of which aren’t free.

Rating: 7.5/10

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