Film Review: Madman (1981)

Also known as: Madman Marz, The Legend Lives (working titles)
Release Date: October 30th, 1981 (Albuquerque)
Directed by: Joe Giannone
Written by: Joe Giannone
Music by: Stephen Horelick
Cast: Gaylen Ross, Paul Ehlers

Jensen Farley Pictures, 88 Minutes


“Losing, winning – what’s the difference? Play the game with a fair heart, and you’ll always be able to look yourself in the mirror. Play too hard to win, and you might not like what you become.” – Max

I have heard about this film for awhile now. It certainly has its fans out there. There is even a documentary floating around about this cult picture. So I figured that I would finally fire it up, as it is Halloween season and I’m always looking for new experiences, even though I already own well over a thousand horror pictures.

Madman was a huge pile of shit. I mean, it is truly fucking awful.

I think the people that love it, love it because of it being bad. But it’s really not one of those endearing good/bad movies. There are so many good/bad movies that deserve the love and loyalty of those who like those things. This is just terrible on every conceivable level.

You can’t expect much in regards to a story in a slasher film but this one paints a good picture of who this madman is. That’s the only positive and it is a detail so minor it really doesn’t matter with how crappy the movie is, as a whole.

Madman offers nothing new to the genre. It is poorly shot, atrociously acted and the madman himself is one of the silliest looking slasher I have ever seen. The costume is so bad, in every closeup, you can see that it’s a dude wearing a mask and he has no makeup around his eyes in the mask’s eye holes. It looks like a teenager in a cheap Halloween mask with crazy hair, wearing a fat suit stuffed under some overalls.

It was painful to sit through this movie. Also, it has some of the most unattractive girls in slasher history. It’s like the killer was murdering everyone in an effort to save the audience from seeing them naked. But I don’t think that this film was that smart. They just hired whatever birds they could actually convince to be in this flaming pile of dog shit.

So does this deserve to be put through the Cinespiria Shitometer? Oh, yes! What we have here is a “Type 5 Stool: Soft blobs with clear-cut edges (passed easily).” I beg to differ on the “passed easily” part.

Rating: 2/10