Ranking the Films of the 20th Annual Manhattan Short Film Festival (2017)

The Manhattan Short Film Festival is now in its twentieth year and sadly, it was only my first year participating, as things like this don’t make their way down to my neck of the woods. Two theaters near me were venues that hosted this thing, there are over 250 venues worldwide now, so I wanted to take part in it.

What the film festival does, is it takes thousands of short films from all over the world, narrows it down to ten finalists and then lets the audience from all the participating venues vote on the winner for best film and best actor.

It was a pretty cool experience, even if there were only three other people in my local cinema to watch this – one of them left in the middle of the third short film. Southwest Florida claims it has culture but it is either extremely high brow or nothing and unfortunately, something like this fits somewhere in the middle because it isn’t a traveling opera or Transformers 17.

Anyway, I figured that I’d go beyond just anonymously picking my winner and that I’d rank the ten films I saw. All of these will be reviewed in the coming weeks, as well. But here they are, the ten finalists ranked.

1. 8 Minutes – drama (Georgia)
2. Viola, Franca – drama (Italy)
3. Behind – horror (Spain)
4. Mare Nostrum – drama (Syria)
5. Hope Dies Last – drama (UK)
6. Just Go! – action (Latvia)
7. Do No Harm – action (New Zealand)
8. Fickle Bickle – comedy (US)
9. In A Nutshell – animationm (Switzerland)
10. Perfect Day – comedy (Spain)

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