Film Review: Rage of Honor (1987)

Release Date: February 27th, 1987
Directed by: Gordon Hessler
Written by: Robert Short, Wallace C. Bennett
Music by: Stelvio Cipriani
Cast: Sho Kosugi, Lewis Van Bergen, Robin Evans, Richard Wiley, Ulises Dumont, Gerry Gibson

Transworld Entertainment, 98 Minutes


When I was a kid, I thought Sho Kosugi was the baddest man alive. Maybe he was but I’ve never seen him take a punch from Mike Tyson. Regardless, he was the quintessential ninja actor of the 1980s, which is a big friggin’ deal as ninjas are friggin’ the best thing ever and the 1980s was like the friggin’ best decade ever!

Granted, I was eight when this movie showed up on video store shelves and I didn’t have the life experience to recognize true greatness. Then again, maybe life hadn’t shat on my chest yet so I wasn’t a pissy overly critical film viewer.

This is not Sho Kosugi’s best film but it is still a damn good time and he is the star of it and it is a good compliment to his other starring pictures, Revenge of the Ninja and Pray For Death.

Unlike those two other movies, this one doesn’t have any of his kids in it, which is kind of a disappointment. Kosugi’s sons were fun to watch and having a kid in those films made my mum think that these uber violent ninja epics were family friendly.

The action is pretty great but when a Kosugi movie is choreographed by Kosugi, you get to see the master himself, as he intends to be seen, as the baddest ninja actor of all-time.

The film also reunites him with director Gordon Hessler. The two worked together on Pray For Death. Their styles mesh well together and if Kosugi isn’t working with Sam Firstenberg, I’d rather him work with Hessler.

Rage of Honor is a fun time if you are a fan of 80s ninja action, which you should be.

Rating: 7/10