Film Review: Lunopolis (2010)

Release Date: February 12th, 2010
Directed by: Matthew Avant
Written by: Matthew Avant
Cast: Matthew Avant, Hal Maynor IV, Dave Potter

Media Savant, 97 Minutes


*written in 2014.

This was a movie that I really wanted to like. Now while I think the fake documentary shtick has more than ran its course, especially where low-budget horror films are concerned, this movie featured time travel, a secret society, weird moon mysticism and some intense creepiness. The pros seemed to outweigh the cons, as I went into this film eager to see what was weaved together.

The first third or so of this movie was pretty entertaining. These guys stumble upon some weird cabin floating in the middle of the bayou. They go inside, it is freaky as hell and they find some tiny hidden elevator. They go beneath the bayou and find a scary dark room with some sort of weird mechanical device. Some creepy shit happens and they then take the device and escape as they are being pursued by some unseen enemy.

The machine is some weird time travel device that one wears as a backpack. They also get this mysterious green gem. One thing leads to another and these guys are hunted and harassed by odd characters.

They go on to talk a lot, interview other people that talk a lot and that is about it until the end of the movie.

The film started out with some promise but fell flat and really didn’t seem to know where it was going. The end was a pretty massive disappointment after what was established in the first act.

This movie isn’t a waste of time but it also isn’t a very good use of time. Other than the really cool first half hour, it is a completely forgettable film.

Rating: 3.75/10