Book Review: ‘The Modern Gentleman’ by Phineas Mollod & Jason Tesauro

I ended up not really enjoying The Modern Gentleman. It started out decent but got to a point where most of what I was reading was highly suspect. While the authors tried to sound like proud self-assured manly men, they really came across as pacifist pussies trying to placate to what they think women and society wants.

This book had no balls, absolutely none, which was made abundantly apparent when I got to the part about shoes and the one picture they showed were of tasseled fucking loafers. These authors would greatly benefit from reading about what author/blogger/economist Jeffrey Tucker has to say about shoes and fashion in general.

In regards to manly etiquette books, one should read any one of the three books put out by the Art of Manliness blog, as well as Nick Offerman’s masterpiece Paddle Your Own Canoe, which serves up some sagely advice.

The authors of The Modern Gentleman, Phineas Mollod and Jason Tesauro, came off as a couple of frat bros who thought they found some sort of enlightened sense of post-college refinement, who were too busy jacking off to their own vocabulary skills to realize that they weren’t coming across as cleverly as they had probably hoped.

Oh, and their lists of authors and musicians sucked, as far as depth and originality. They probably haven’t listened to or read half that shit and just cut and pasted it off of someone’s blog. Or they just chose a generic jazz station on Pandora and wrote down the first ten artists that played.

Rating: 2/10