Book Review: ‘How to Read a Film: Movies, Media, and Beyond’ by James Monaco

James Monaco’s How to Read a Film: Movies, Media, and Beyond is a pretty informative and very exhaustive work. It is quite the book and I really found it captivating, as it delves much deeper in how to see film than anything else I’ve picked up in recent memory.

Film studies, when I took it in high school, was by far my favorite subject and film, in general, is really my favorite thing in the world. Wanting to expand my knowledge on more of an academic level, I’ve been taking different online courses and reading whatever I find that I feel might meet my needs.

How to Read a Film certainly meets my needs and actually goes well beyond what I was looking for. The book is almost too big and too informative. There is a lot to take in and explore and frankly, it is a book I will have to keep handy in the future and revisit often. But those are the best kind of books. Ones that outlive their initial read through and continue to be a part of our lives.

James Monaco has written one of the best books on the subject of how to view a film and how to understand them. The version I read was the Fourth Edition, which is the version in the picture above. I’ll probably keep an eye out for any future editions as they become available.

If you have an interest in the art of filmmaking, which you probably do if you are reading this site, this deserves a place in your library.

Rating: 9/10