Film Review: Jungle Goddess (1948)

Release Date: August 13th, 1948
Directed by: Lewis D. Collins
Written by: Jo Pagano
Music by: Irving Gertz
Cast: George Reeves, Ralph Byrd, Wanda McKay

Screen Guild Productions, Commonwealth Pictures, 62 Minutes


For a movie that stars Superman and Dick Tracy, this thing is a big letdown!

George Reeves and Ralph Byrd team up alongside Wanda McKay and give us something that’s not really worth anyone’s time. This was featured in the second season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and for good reason: it’s horrible.

The story sees the two men go into the wilderness of Africa to find a rich heiress whose plane went down. When they do find her, she’s leading an African tribe but in reality, wants to escape the jungle and go back home.

The film is bizarre in that it crosses over between a Tiki vibe and a safari vibe. It should be a safari type film due to its location but its seems like the set designers couldn’t tell the difference between an African style and what looked more at home in the South Pacific. Additionally, many of the tribesmen looked like Pacific islanders and dressed that way. At least the heiress had some leopard print on.

Jungle Goddess is a dumb movie. It is painful to watch. I can’t imagine anyone even finding this remotely entertaining in 1948.

The film is a train wreck of bad editing and stock footage that doesn’t match up. It is topped off with over the top acting and a horrendous script.

When run through the Cinespiria Shitometer this comes out as a Type 5 stool, which is defined as “Soft blobs with clear-cut edges (passed easily).”

Rating: 2/10

*I couldn’t find a trailer, just the MST3K version of the film.

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