Documentary Review: GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (2012)

Release Date: April 27th, 2012 (Hot Docs International Documentary Festival)
Directed by: Brett Whitcomb
Music by: Dwayne Cathey, Bradford Thomason

Connell Creations, Window Pictures, Woodcreek Faction Productions, 76 Minutes


*originally written in 2014.

I barely remember GLOW (or The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) from my childhood in the 80s but I would check it out from time to time when I wasn’t watching WWF or the NWA.

GLOW was a third alternative for professional wrestling and featured only women performers. It made history, as the promotion was the first and still the only wrestling company just to feature women. I remember thinking of it as a lot more low budget and way more hokey than the male dominated competition but I do remember that I enjoyed it nonetheless. So it was interesting when I saw a documentary about GLOW on Netflix.

Delving into the stories and lives of these women was entertaining, as many had great stories and tales to share. Also seeing the background story on the how and why GLOW came together was also really interesting. It made me respect the product for what it was, considering how it was built up.

I was also a bit taken aback by the fact that none of these ladies really had any formal training in wrestling before going into this. The match quality of GLOW was more than questionable but at least they could draw one’s attention away from that with their vaudeville like show.

To any fans of wrestling or fans of old school trashy television, this is definitely worth a watch.

In the end, it was nice seeing the girls come back together years later and reunite.

Rating: 7/10

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