Film Review: Bloodsucking Freaks (1976)

Also known as: Sardu: Master of the Screaming Virgins, The Incredible Torture Show, The House of the Screaming Virgins
Release Date: November 3rd, 1976
Directed by: Joel M. Reed
Written by: Joel M. Reed
Music by: Michael Sahl
Cast: Seamus O’Brien, Luis De Jesus, Viju Krem, Niles McMaster, Dan Fauci, Alphonso DeNoble, Ernie Pysher

Alan C. Margolin – Joel M. Reed Prodcutions, Troma Entertainment, 84 Minutes (theatrical cut), 88 Minutes (Director’s Cut)


“Her mouth shall make an interesting urinal!” – Master Sardu

I’ve been slowly working through a lot of the cult classic grindhouse splatter flicks that all the gore hounds have raved about for generations. While most of them aren’t good pictures by any stretch of the imagination, I actually did find Bloodsucking Freaks to be entertaining and somewhat worthwhile by comparison.

Unlike Blood FeastThe Corpse Grinders and Last House On Dead End Street, which are hard to get through (and not because of the gore), Bloodsucking Freaks is at least humorous and a bit fun. The comedy of The Corpse Grinders wasn’t effective and it was an ugly boring mess.

I think that Bloodsucking Freaks works on some level because of both Seamus O’Brien and Luis De Jesus. Both of them were funny and had a good camaraderie. O’Brien was also a good showman and had an alluring air about him. Everyone in the aforementioned splatter flicks had no charisma at all.

Also, the humor is just better and it lightens the tone, even though you’re watching torture and dismemberment at every turn.

Now Bloodsucking Freaks is not a good film but it is more accessible if this sort of gore-riddled thing is your cup of tea. Yes, it is bloody and violent but it isn’t anything that should be too overly shocking. It is a very dated picture, as these movies tend to be, and it is kind of hokey.

It also has a better story than other similar pictures. There is some thought put into the story and there are a few twists and turns. The cop character is more interesting than any character I’ve seen in a splatter spectacle. You’re never really sure what he’s up to and he doesn’t just follow some stock character road headed directly into predictability.

If you want to experience a splatter flick, this is a good choice, as it delivers on more than just gratuitous gore.

Rating: 6/10