Ranking the Films of Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott is giving us another Alien film this week. So why not look at all his films and try to quantify them in someway by ranking them? Granted, I do these for other directors and actors as well and my opinion could change at any moment but these can often times lead to good discussions.

Ridley Scott makes damn good films. Between Alien and Blade Runner he both mesmerized and frightened me as a child. Throughout the years, he branched out and covered just about every genre. He’s gone on to win several awards and has carved out a pretty unique legacy. Here, I rank his films:

1. Alien
2. Blade Runner
3. Black Rain
4. The Duelists
5. Gladiator
6. Prometheus
7. Matchstick Men
8. Legend
9. Black Hawk Down
10. Thelma & Louise
11. The Martian
12. Body of Lies
13. American Gangster
14. G.I. Jane
15. Hannibal
16. Robin Hood
17. Kingdom of Heaven
18. A Good Year
19. Exodus: Gods and Kings
20. The Vatican
21. White Squall
22. 1492: Conquest of Paradise
23. Someone to Watch Over Me
24. The Counselor

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