Book Review: ‘Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters’ by August Ragone

Eiji Tsuburaya might not be a big name to American film lovers but he is a special effects titan in Japan.

For those that don’t know the man, he was the one who created the special effects in the earlier Godzilla films. He was the man behind the monsters and also the miniatures and the elaborate sets.

He also worked on several spectacular war films for Toho when he was between Godzilla and other kaiju projects for them.

Tsuburaya took his experience at Toho and created his own studio, Tsuburaya Productions, where he gave the world Ultra Q and quickly after that Ultraman, which grew into a massive franchise with more monsters than even Godzilla could imagine.

Tsuburaya Productions also created a slew of other television shows and movies for Japanese kids. Some of his other works also spawned franchises. The character of Booska, a Tsuburaya creation, is essentially Japan’s equivalent to Mickey Mouse.

This book is nice and thick and pretty large. It is full of behind the scenes pictures of Eiji Tsuburaya on many of the sets where he created monsters and miniatures to do battle. The book is also a biography and it covers the life of the man and his work.

For kaiju fans, this book is definitely a must own. It has great information on the film and television projects that Tsuburaya worked on and it gives some insight as to why he made certain monsters the way he did.

This is one of the best things in my massive library and I can’t praise the book enough.

Rating: 10/10

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