Book Review: ‘Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In’ by Joe Bob Briggs

My love for Joe Bob Briggs is no secret. I’ve written about him plenty of times on Cinespiria.

Growing up with Drive-In Theater and MonsterVision was awesome. Before that however, he wrote for the Dallas Times Herald. While there, John Bloom created the persona of Joe Bob Briggs when he took over the movie review section. Joe Bob was a guy that loved drive-in movies and hated that “indoor bullstuff”. This book is the first of two that collects some of his best work from his time writing b-movie reviews.

This book is straight gonzo. It’s like if Dr. Hunter S. Thompson put down the guns and cocaine for a minute and had a passion for the types of films that no one else in America would even review.

Joe Bob Briggs looks at the wealth of b-movies that were coming out in droves in the 1980s. Domestic films, foreign films and films with no discernible place of origin. But unlike the high society types that looked down their noses at these works of art, Joe Bob honored and celebrated these films, even though most of them were horrible. The man had an eye that was able to detect a great b-movie from a sea of horrible ones.

Joe Bob also spends a lot of his time talking about his personal life. The book is full of colorful stories with even more colorful characters. He also gets socially and politically fired up at times because someone has to defend the holy American tradition of going to the drive-in theater and if it wasn’t for Joe Bob we all might be living in “wimp city” like those drive-in hating “jerkola” “turkeys” from San Francisco.

If you grew up with these movies or just have an appreciation for this sort of thing, Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In should be your Bible.

Rating: 10/10

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