Film Review: The Human Tornado (1976)

Release Date: February 10th, 1976
Directed by: Cliff Roquemore
Written by: Jerry Jones
Music by: Arthur Wright
Cast: Rudy Ray Moore, Ernie Hudson, Sir Lady Java

Dimension Pictures, Xenon Pictures, 108 Minutes 


After the success of Dolemite, Rudy Ray Moore returned for a sequel just ten months later.

In The Human Tornado, we are reunited with our hero Dolemite. After having one picture under his belt, Rudy Ray Moore comes off as much more refined in this movie. His comedic timing is on point, his live performance is fine tuned, his one liners have improved, his kung fu skills are much better and he just looks a lot more natural and comfortable.

I don’t like this film as much as Dolemite but it is pretty close to being on its level. The second half of the film gets a bit muddy and the ending is strange but the overall charm and heart from the original movie are still felt here.

In this film, Dolemite lives in the country. He gets caught having sex with the sheriff’s wife. He’s essentially a man whore and she was paying him for his services. The racist honky sheriff wants Dolemite dead but he escapes and goes back to California. The racist honky sheriff follows. So in California, Dolemite has to deal with his demons following him back home as well as a new criminal element that has taken over his town in his absence.

If you are a fan of Rudy Ray Moore, this is a great film to experience. From a technical standpoint, it is a better film than Dolemite. The director did a much better job and everything seems to be less amateurish, even though this is a hokey blaxploitation film that almost plays like a parody.

Everything is tighter though, especially the action sequences. The fight between Dolemite and the nunchuck thug is a huge step above anything in the first picture. The only big negative is the plot and how it just kind of dissolves as the movie rolls on. Also, as I stated before, the ending is pretty crappy.

This is also the second film for Ernie Hudson, who is billed as Louis Hudson.

Rating: 6/10

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