Film Review: Zombie Nightmare (1987)

Release Date: October 13th, 1987
Directed by: Jack Bravman
Written by: John Fasano
Music by: Jon Miki Thor
Cast: Adam West, Tia Carrere, Jon Miki Thor

New World Pictures, 89 Minutes


Zombie Nightmare is one of the few things I have seen Adam West in outside of the 1960s Batman television show and its feature film. This is also interesting in that West plays a character with a harder edge to it. Unfortunately, this is far from a decent picture.

Most of the people who have seen this movie, have seen it featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Even though it hit video shelves in 1987, it mostly collected dust and remained undiscovered. Not that it deserves to be discovered, unless you are a die hard Adam West or Tia Carrere fan. And for Carrere, this is actually a better movie than Wayne’s World 2.

The story sees a voodoo priestess that wants revenge for a bunch of heinous shit turn teenagers into zombies. A teen boy who loves playing baseball and looks like a brunette Fabio tries to be a hero against a gang of bored rich suburban punks. He is murdered for his efforts. Then he is resurrected as a zombie and seeks revenge against the gang of rich punks. As the punk shits get picked off, they become zombies too.

While the movie is dumb, predictable and just not very good, it still has some charm and is entertaining. It isn’t something I’d really want to revisit but it was fairly enjoyable for a quick afternoon romp through 80s horror cheese. Plus, Adam West makes cheese taste even better. Even if he’s only in the film for the last third of the picture. Also, the film starts with Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades”, which gets it some brownie points.

Rating: 4/10

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