Film Review: Time Chasers (1994)

Also known as: Tangents
Release Date: March 17th, 1994
Directed by: David Giancola
Written by: David Giancola
Music by: Alice Damon Kinzie, Bill Kinzie
Cast: Matthew Bruch, Bonnie Pritchard, Peter Harrington, George Woodard

Edgewood Studios, 89 Minutes


Time Chasers was one of those films that actually wasn’t that old when it appeared on Mystery Science Theater 3000. It was released in 1994 but the film looks like a poorly made student film from the mid-1980s. In fact, the fashion and the world around the characters feels more like the 80s than the 90s. The film was shot entirely in Vermont, however, so maybe that state is a decade behind, culturally speaking.

This is a film that is several notches below mediocre. It is boring, fairly nonsensical and just plain stupid.

The hero, an amateur pilot, is able to time travel using a Commodore 64 and his airplane. For some dumb reason, he wants to impress a corporation with his “scientific breakthrough”. Of course, the corporation wants to harness this power for nefarious reasons. Then a bunch of dumber shit happens until the film finally ends. But not until the hero has second thoughts and throws his time traveling floppy disk in the trash bin.

Cheesy dumb pictures can be a lot of fun. This one isn’t. There is nothing endearing about it. You never once feel a shred of appreciation for the craft of the filmmakers. Time Chasers is a grind to get through. It is a worse grind than that 90s MTV dance show with Eric Nies called Grind.

It plays like a video made by the Vermont tourism board in an effort to showcase their beautiful landscapes. It works effectively for that but is bogged down by all the stupid shit around it. So I guess the only positive to come out of Time Chasers is seeing how lush and scenic Vermont is.

This movie is just horrible. You should probably ignore it unless you’re a Mystery Science Theater 3000 completist.

Rating: 2/10