Ranking the Films of Wes Craven

Director Wes Craven died recently after a battle with brain cancer.

He was a pretty visionary director in his early days. While I wasn’t a huge fan of his later work, he is one of those directors that holds a special place for me, as he made one of my favorite films of all-time, which then spawned my favorite horror franchise of all-time, A Nightmare On Elm Street. He also made my favorite voodoo-centric film The Serpent and the Rainbow.

His earlier work was pretty original, mesmerizing and truly frightening – especially for its time. In fact, most of those earlier films have been remade over the years.

To honor Wes Craven, I figured that I would rank his films.

1. A Nightmare On Elm Street (original)
2. The Serpent and the Rainbow
3. The Hills Have Eyes (original)
4. Swamp Thing
5. Last House On the Left (original)
6. Wes Craven’s New Nightmare
7. The Hills Have Eyes Part II (original)
8. Scream
9. Red Eye
10. Deadly Friend
11. Scream 4
12. The People Under the Stairs
13. Shocker
14. Scream 2
15. Cursed
16. Scream 3
17. Deadly Blessing
18. Stranger In Our House
19. Chiller
20. Music of the Heart
21. My Soul to Take
22. Invitation to Hell
23. Night Visions
24. Vampire In Brooklyn

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