Comic Review: The Walking Dead – Compendium Three

Published on: October 13th, 2015
Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

Image Comics, 1088 Pages


After reading the 2nd compendium of The Walking Dead, I had to jump right into the third one.

With Compendium Three, I have finally reached where they are at in the television show. Negan actually shows up at the beginning of this big book and his entire saga against Rick and his people is covered in this volume.

So I now know what happens further into the future than where the TV show is at. Granted, the show doesn’t always follow the comic book but it does stay pretty close to it and I feel as if the conclusion to the Negan era will be similar.

Compendium Three also goes beyond Negan. At a point, it jumps ahead a couple years and we see how Alexandria has evolved, as have the other communities and how they have created a new civilization. It also goes further into the fate of Negan. The book ends with the introduction of a group called the Whisperers and leaves you hanging, as you realize another war with another threat is most likely on the horizon.

Out of all the Compendiums, this one is my favorite, by far. This was the best era of The Walking Dead. Rick and the group are challenged like never before and everything seems hopeless. However, they find ways to overcome and create something even better.

When people say that the Negan era is a turning point in the series, that is an understatement. The event changes everything and it effects every character on a deep level. We end up seeing this world that we know completely turned on its head, reorganized and reestablished. This point in The Walking Dead series is pretty magnificent, actually. It features some of the best comic book writing I have ever encountered and I’ve been reading comics for at least thirty years.

I wasn’t sure how a comic book about a group traversing through a zombie infected world could last for thirteen years but once you get to this point, it is pretty apparent. The Walking Dead is one of the best comic book series of all-time and this, right here, is The Walking Dead at its absolute best.

I’ll be eagerly anticipating what comes next.

Rating: 9.25/10
Pairs well with: The other Walking Dead collections.

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