TV Review: Robotech: New Generation (1985)

Original Run: started syndication on March 4th, 1985
Created by: Carl Macek
Directed by: Robert V. Barron
Written by: Carl Macek, Steve Kramer, Greg Snegoff
Based on: Genesis Climber MOSPEADA (Japanese anime)
Music by: Ulpio Minucci

Harmony Gold, Tatsunoko Production, 25 Episodes, 25 Minutes (per episode)


While New Generation isn’t the best Robotech chapter, it is still pretty solid and almost as enjoyable as the first act in the trilogy The Macross Saga.

Where The Masters was a bit of a step down from the quality of The Macross Saga, this series was a return to form, had better pacing, more likable and enjoyable characters and felt like it fit in better with the overall Robotech mythos. We also get the return of the iconic Veritech fighter jets, which The Masters was missing.

Now each of the three series in the Robotech franchise were actually three completely different and unrelated series in Japan that were edited and dubbed in English to fit nicely under the Robotech banner. This series and The Macross Saga truly feel related.

This series is well-written, well-animated and on its own, one of the best animated series of all-time.

It also challenges societal norms, especially for the time. As a kid, I didn’t pay much attention to these things but for a kids show it went against political correctness in that it featured a cross-dressing hero/pop star, as well as a preteen girl who was horny as hell and trying to bang every piece of male meat that walked on screen. I’m surprised my Christian mother didn’t have a shit fit or maybe she just wasn’t paying attention. Then again, maybe animation can slip things under the radar that other entertainment mediums cannot.

New Generation is a great bookend with The Macross Saga and it does a good job of bringing the overall story arc over three individual series to a good close.

Rating: 8/10

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